Indulge yourself with the relaks procedures of Dolna Bania where the stress and tension from your everyday life will disappear, and let the relaks feeling overwhelm you! At the Dolna Bania complex you can take advantage of the healing qualities of the mineral water renown throughout the world. It has the wide range of beneficial qualities characteristic of acratothermic water. The water comes out at a temperature of 67,8°С and it is used to treat rheumatic and skin conditions as well as diseases of the cardiovascular, the pulmonary, the digestive, the motor, the nervous and the reproductive system. Feel the joy of your body’s rebirth with our three outdoor pools (swimming pool, children’s pool and Jacuzzi) filled with warm mineral water. In the summer the water is between 28 and 30 degrees centigrade and in the winter it is from 28 to 43 degrees centigrade in the various pools (OPEN THROUGHOUT THE YEAR). Russian bath – mineral swimming pool (3 m / 3 m) with color therapy, massage shower and sauna. Try our massages and procedures. Let go of bad mood with an appropriate therapy for your body - aromatherapy, hydrotherapy. Indulge in the unique pleasure of the water massage tub – a harmonic combination of plenty of water, heat, vibration massage and aromas.


минерален басейн през зимата
минерален басейн през лятото
Минерален басейн в руската баня
Сауна в руската баня
Стая за почивка в руската баня
процедури с галваничен и диадинамичен  нискочестотен ток
Детоксикатор - (йонна терапия)
минерален басейн през зимата с три годишно дете